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Home Page Stories
Kerrie Kuiper of the Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau met with the members on Monday to outline a major event on September 27th to 28th.  At that time 40+ teams will congregate at Fort Dodge as part of the auto Fireball Run.  The Run is part of a multi City and State trip in cars by people engaging in a "Scavenger Hunt."  After stopping in Fort Dodge the teams will search through the community for hidden items located in places such as the Fort, Schools, etc.  The teams participate primarily for fun, but communities like Fort Dodge can use the stop for a wide range of publicity efforts as the teas are composed of people with wealth, politicians, business leaders, common citizens, etc.  In addition, each team will spread throughout the area information on a specific missing child.  This program has a proven track record of recovery for abducted, stolen, or run-away children which has been achieved by the spread of publicity through multi states.
Fort Dodge is one of three stops in Iowa this year and it is our first opportunity to "showcase."  This race is not about land speed, but rather the ability for each team to compete to determine who is quickest in finding all of the hidden items the community will place at their quest.  As of now there are 14 sites with hidden items within Fort Dodge, which may grow.
On Monday, February 20th Senator Grassley will be the speaker guest of the club.  Therefore, the following protocols will be used for this session:
  • All Club Member Rotarians are free to come, but Cheryl would urge you to contact her by phone or email to log your attendance to assure that the Willow Ridge staff can have sufficient table space and food
  • Non Club Member Guests will be admitted to the meeting, but only if they are at the invitation of a Club Rotarian and their name(s) are reported to Cheryl in advance to enable an invitation only entry to the event and that sufficient table space and food will be available.
Because the nominations/election process for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 Officers/Board Members has been delayed President O'Hern is pleased to announce that the following Slate of Officers and Board Members has been selected for official Membership action.  On February 20th nominations will be accepted from the floor and at the following meeting an official vote taken.
President - Cheryl O'Hern
President Elect - Joe Tofilon
President Elect Elect - Janet Secor
Secretary - Steve Hoesel
Treasurer - John Nielson with assistance from Kraig Barber
Board Members to June 30, 2020
     Bryan Dowd
     Dee Murman
Board Members to June 30, 2019
      Dave Beekman
      Todd McCubbin
      Cheryl O'Hern
Board Members to June 30, 2018
      Doug Van Zyl
      Eric Halverson
      Janet Secor
The following have volunteered to provide the weekly invocation as our meetings start.  If you are unable to make your assigned schedule please contact a substitute that will then check-in with the President prior to the meeting.
February 20 - John Daniel
February 27 - Ryan Kehm
Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss statements for period ending December 31, 2016 have been uploaded to the Members Only Section of the Web Site.  You use your user name and password (contact Steve if you do not have yours) and then access View Club Documents.  Scroll down to Club Financial Documents and then find the new versions, identified by date.
Rotarian and Councilman Dave Flattery was found in a picture on the cover page of the Tuesday "Messenger" looking at the new mural installed within the renovated Council Chambers. 
Rotarian David Fierke appears on the front page of the Sunday "Messenger" with an article announcing that the City and Unity Point Health will conduct a major emergency response study to determine how best to coordinate between the two entities use of ambulances. 
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds please use the following application format found over two sections of this applet.  When completed please scan your application narrative and send to Fort Dodge Rotary, Box 935, Fort Dodge, Iowa  50501 .  The first page of the application appears below and the second is found by clicking on the "read more" applet. 
please use