Feb 26, 2018
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The Fort Dodge Community Schools is in the midst of discussing changes to the school schedule next semester.  Doug Van Zyle was pictured in Tuesday's "Messenger" with an article outlining the proposed changes.
Rotarian David Fierke was pictured in the Tuesday "Messenger" as the Council is in the midst of preparing the next year's budget with considerable discussion about priorities, financing options, rate increases, bonding, etc. 
Jolene Hays of Fort Dodge Senior High brought to Rotary three participants in last summer's exchange program to Kosovo and participation in Camp Toka.  Kristen Ray, Jeannie Boro, and Makayla Pingel discussed with the members the purposes of the program and their personal experiences.  Key elements of the discussion were:
  • Camp Toka is organized as a cross culture venue in Kosovo that brings together school age kids from across the World (Iowa kids met-up with counterparts from Italy and Estonia) to partner with Kosovo students.  Eight students went from Iowa, four from Fort Dodge and four from Johnston.  Gjakova is the official Sister Ship for Fort Dodge.  Johnston has another Observant city as their sister. 
  • For next summer four more kids from Fort Dodge will go to Gjakova and four from Kosovo will come to Fort Dodge.  The sessions are about 7-10 days.  Applications are taken to determine the participants, with an emphasis on the need for the participant to have the potential for growth in leadership and the ability to do fundraising to pay their way.
  • The Fort Dodge students found a country that is about 1/10th the size of Iowa, but with 60% more people.  The country is very poor and is struggling to recover from its Communist era.  Walking is the primary choice of transport, other than buses in the larger cities of Pristina and Gjakova.
  • In addition to team building activities the Camp works with students to perform community service projects throughout the Camp Toka area. 
Rotary was interrupted today in a very nice way when Teresa Naughton received a "SE  Singing Valentine."  A male within the quartet was none other than Teresa;s son.
Cheryl announced the results of the Officer's Nominations Committee (prior published in Newsletter) and asked for nominations from the floor.  Hearing none on a motion by Schroder with a second by Bushman to case a unaminous vote for the slate.  Motion carried.
President:  Joe Tofilon
President Elect - Janet Secor
Secretary - Steve Hoesel
Treasurer - Kraig Barber/John Nielsen
Board of Directors for the Term 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2021
       Brandon Hauck
       Elizabeth Stanek
       Cameron Nelson
The following have volunteered to provide the weekly invocation as our meetings start.  If you are unable to make your assigned schedule please contact a substitute that will then check-in with the President prior to the meeting. (Also please note that you can call Don Woodruff, who said he can be a fill-in permanent alternate.)
February 19 - Dennis Milefchik
February 26 - Elizabeth Stanek
March 5 - Linda Smith
March 12 - Rhonda Fitchett
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April 9 - Bill Thatcher
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Rotarian Todd McCubbin was pictured in the Sunday "Messenger" as he and his company conducted a fund raiser for a local charity - $400 to the Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association.  Shiny Top Brewery produced a special ale for the event - Fort Dodge Fine Amber.  Thank you Shiny Top for a marvelous way to raise funds for local causes.
Bill Secor appeared in the Sunday Edition of "The Messenger."  Bill was pictured practicing with the Sonshine Singers for their upcoming concert.  Bill is an excellent base master also in the Fort Dodge Symphony. 
Susan Ahlers Leman was pictured in the Sunday Edition of "The Messenger" as she was helping to oversee the installation of an automated teller at one of First American's branch locations in East Fort Dodge.  The automated tellers work well and are a nice addition to the community, provided you have money at First American Bank.
Rotarian Van Zyl appeared in the Friday edition of the "Messenger" with the pleasure of announcing that his daughter has signed to play soccer for Drake University.  Congratulations to the Van Zyl family. 
Rotarian Julie Thorson appeared in the Sunday "Messenger" with a lengthy article showcasing the attributes of Friendship Haven to meet the needs of the elderly in the Fort Dodge Area.  Julie was pictured in front of the agency's Journeys Program. 
Rotarian Randy Kuhlman was pictured in the Sunday "Messenger" with a lengthy article outlining the programs of service to the community by the Fort Dodge Area Community Foundation/United Way.  Congratulations to the efforts of these entities in meeting a wide range of human service needs in the area.
Rotarians Bruce Shimkat and Cameron Nelson appeared in the Sunday "Messenger."  Bruce was pictured accepting the Customer First Award of Excellence on behalf of Shimkat Motors.  This award was for a regional contest of auto dealers PCA Midwest Business Center.  The company also won both the Messenger's Readers Choice Awards for Best Used Car Dealership all ten years the award was given and added the New Car Dealership Award in their 70th Anniversary year.
Cameron was pictured as the newest member of the Shinkat team assigned to the Commercial Sales/Fleet Management department. 
Rotarian Amy Bruno appeared in the Sunday "Messenger" with an article about the "Adopt a Car" program of the Greater Fort Dodge Area Community Foundation and United Way.  The program connects donations of vehicles with individuals with few funds and no car.  Fort Dodge Ford works with assuring the vehicles are in sound operating order before the transfer.
Rotarian Steve Kersten was pictured in the Sunday "Messenger" with an article about the recent open house for the Community Health Center in Fort Dodge. 
Rotarian Dan Kinney was pictured in the "Messenger" on multiple dates with an article making the case to "sell" the upcoming ICCC Bond Issue.  Please go and vote on Tuesday, February 6th.
Rotarian Van Zyl appeared on the cover page of the Sunday "Messenger" with an article announcing that he is one of three finalists for the Superintendent for the Saint Joseph School District.  In a later edition of the "Messenger" we learn that Mr. VanZyl was chosen for and accepted the new position.  We wish him the best as he begins his new job and thank him for the years on behalf of Fort Dodge.
Minutes and/or Financial Reports for the 2018 Rotary Year have been posted to the members only section of the Website and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section. 
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds please use the following application format found over two sections of this applet.  When completed please scan your application narrative and send to Fort Dodge Rotary, Box 935, Fort Dodge, Iowa  50501 .  The first page of the application appears below and the second is found by clicking on the "read more" applet. 
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