Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Dec 04, 2017
Monday's meeting was held at Unity Point Health and conducted by Ann Meyer and Mary Gronback of the ICCC Health Simulation Lab.  For those members not able to attend you missed one very impressive "Out of Willow Ridge" excursion into high tech training with computers and near life mannequins.  This is a very impressive system of real-life hospital rooms on the 4th floor of Unity Point Health and leased to ICCC.  Within the rooms are a variety of simulation mechanisms (mannequins, near real ambulance, and emergency response tools including a simulation vehicle).  The program was substantially funded by a $1 million federal grant and a host of local initiatives.  Rotary clubs of the area contributed approximately $10,000 ($2,000 from Noon, $1,000 from Daybreak, $1,000 from Webster City, $400 from Eagle Grove, and $600 from Storm Lake) and a $5,000 grant from District 5970. 
The simulators provide students with experiences of near life work on real bodies complete with alternating scenarios to challenge the nursing students.  Mannequins include males, females, and babies with computer technology to simulate a wide variety of scenarios.  Each 30 minute segment of students (generally 1-4) is filmed and then an additional class is used to review the films and discuss what went right and what went wrong.  As students progress through the program the degree of complexity and difficulty increases accordingly.    It is the only lab of its kind in Iowa and as such is attracting students to ICCC from throughout the Midwest.  So far approximately 566 students have used the lab facilities as reported to the federal funding agency.  There is a one-time maximum of 50 students to be enrolled in simulation, but after earning their degree 99 percent of the students earn real job placements. 
What we learned is that Kraig Barber should not hold newborn babies.