Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Aug 06, 2018
Marcie Boerner, Office Manager with Webster Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (WCCTA) presented a very interesting discussion of its services to 16 rural communities that surround Fort Dodge.  All communities are 100% fiber capable, have available a 1 GIG capability, and were recently awarded the status of "Smart Rural Community."  Broadband is very important to Rural Iowa as modern economics revolve around it.  Examples are plenty of small rural companies utilizing broadband to create and later expand businesses.  WCCTA fills that void where large providers will not service rural communities of a small number of users.  WCCTA receives some subsidy from a fee paid by all broadband users to help "equal the playing field" for rural communities. 
WCCTA has 16 employees that serve 2,700 internet customers, 1,300 Television accounts, and 2,300 telephones.  The organization is a consumer-owned cooperative that is also part of the National Broadband Association that lobbies for rural interests before Congress and D.C. regulators.  The two most important components are Speed and Data.  Both must be provided if rural areas will achieve economic parity with larger customer bases of major communities.  The Crossroads of Global Intervention located 3 miles west of Fort Dodge is served by this vital organization.  Rural Broadband is vitally important for small communities to attract the "lone eagle" or an individual that chooses to establish a small business in  Rural Iowa.