Cargill is a very important industry not only to the Fort Dodge area but is also a very significant corporate partner to the community.  Dave Beekman explained Cargill as one of the two silent giants of private ownership companies in the U.S.  The other being Koch Industries.  Its corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but has 170,000 world wide employees in 60 countries, with 85,000 being in the U.S.  The range of products is vast and deal primarily with food products, or items that lead to food production.  A recent deviation is Cargill produces a corn starch additive to cardboard that makes it very strong for a special customer - Amazon. 
The Fort Dodge plant grinds 150,000 bushels of corn per day with a very good potential for expansion.  CJ is the only "co-location industry" at the moment, but others may follow in the future as the Cargill site plan is fully implemented.  The Fort Dodge Plant employees 165 with an additional 100 employed by area contractors to Cargill.  In any given week approximately 88 tanker cars of ethanol leave the plant and 100 rail cars of high quality animal feed is shipped.  The animal feed currently goes to feed lots in Texas. 
In an answer to a question Dave stated that the amount of corn available in the Fort Dodge area can sustain all current users (Poet, Cargill, and Valaro) plus doubling of the Cargill facility.  This area of the United States is the greatest corn producing zone in the world.  Finally, Cargill was praised as being one of the best corporate partners any community could hope to have.  Dave stated that is a philosophy that is key to the business plan of Cargill.