Rotarian Elizabeth Stanek provided a presentation about Linking Families and Communities (LFC), the non-profit organization for which she serves as the Executive Director.  Linking Families and Communities' focus in on young children, prenatal to age 5, and their families in Calhoun, Pocahontas and Webster County.   LFC plans with and for the community regarding early childhood services, sets priorities, goals and objectives, works with community partners to advance those plans and provides funding for programs and services that impact young children and families.  Stanek stated that they seek opportunities that positively impact children, families and the community such as grants, donations, etc.  The organization has been working on helping to increase the amount of child care spaces available.  Stanek reported that a new community plan was completed in September 2020 in which the following goals were set:
• Increase the quality and supply of Child Care.
• Increase supply and access to Mental Health Supports.
Support Parents to meet and exceed health, care and educational goals for their children.
• Increase Access to Resources, collaboration among agencies and communication.
Ms. Stanek shared information on programs targeting young children, parents and early care providers (child care and preschool), including mental health.  More information can be found at