Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Dec 03, 2018
Fort Dodge Middle School is a very important element of the local community schools as it greets a group of students that have special social assimilation problems that are becoming more difficult as years go by.  Ryan summarized the challenges in four major programs that are underway:
  1. Safe, Welcoming, and Inclusive School Environment - particularly in regard to 5th graders, the school environment must make every student feel welcome and safe from the outside world of bullying, intimidation, etc.  This year a Therapy Dog has been employed with great success as she has become a "magnet" for collections of students and discussions of mutual interest;
  2. Restore to Justice - This program attempts to work in a one to one situation where something paced on social media has aggrieved a student.  The concept is to begin discussions in which students can talk to each other than not about;
  3. Link Program - Career education alternatives begin in the lower grades in which employers bring their worker needs to the Middle School to inform students of the types of jobs and skills required;
  4. Club Studies - Not all students are successful in the traditional reading writing and math, but often excel in a Cub setting where specific skills are taught, such as design, cooking, sewing, etc.
When asked what is the most challenging item now facing school administration Ryan quickly said Cell Phones and social media.  He left the club members with much to think about.