Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Oct 08, 2018
Monday's Rotary guest at a special relocation to Pizza Ranch was Reverend Al Henderson, who spoke on the SOS (Serving our Servants) program.   Al is the Chaplin to our Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, EMS, Civil Defence Agencies, and PARA medics.  Al and a collection of local volunteers raise funds to provide the following services to our public servants;
  1. Pizza to Post 7;
  2. Breakfast to the LEC staff during change in shifts;
  3. Pizza to changes of shifts at the Fire Station;
  4. Pizza to to the Emergency Room staff at Unity Point;
  5. Support to families of the Air Guard when the significant other is deployed;
  6. Support and coordinate the annual "Guns and Hoses" event by providing funding support coordination, T-shits, etc.;
  7. Blood Drive for special emergencies, such as the shooting last summer in Las Vegas;
  8. Choosing of a "Servant of the Year" and coordination of the "Heroes of the Heartland;"
  9. Help to local officials during events such as RAGBRAI;
  10. Gift cards supported by Creative Cakes given to city/county snow plow operators;
  11. Help with traffic during officer funerals;
  12. Providing weapon safes at the LEC;
  13. Financial help to DSOC.
A series of excellent questions and answers ensued after his presentation.  The Club thanked Reverend Henderson for his service, which includes Chaplin services to our Public Servants.