Kevin Twait, Athletic Director of ICCC, visited with Rotary on Monday and provided a brief outline as to how sports at ICCC can be accommodated with COVID-19.  Essentially, a system is in place to have all sports begin, but flexibility may well become the norm as nobody knows how the process will go.  The plan is:
  1. Begin by bringing 135 football players to campus on July 6th.  The team will be housed in one of the tower dorms in controlled room environments.  Pods of 4-6 students will work-out, eat, and attend sessions together.  This is done to help limit the spread of the virus if any one becomes infected. The concept is that if a student tests positive then the pod can be quarantined and perhaps not affect the rest of the team.
  2. Each player and staff member will be tested for COVID-19 when they come on campus and at other times as necessary.
  3. Temperatures for all staff and players will be checked at least twice daily and must be less than 100.4.  If higher, the individual is referred immediately to the health department.
  4. Social distancing will be practiced whenever possible (given that drills will require contact) but weights, etc. will be done in groups of 48 with deep cleaning completed after each group completes their tasks.
  5. All classes will become twice a week sessions of 90 minutes with 30 minute between class intervals to permit less groupings and socializing between classes.  Fridays will be for special labs and personal meetings with teachers/students.
  6. There will be spectators in the stands.  Some details are still to be worked out, but generally at ICCC games social distancing will be possible without much trouble. 
  7. Recruiting has been especially affected as ICCC can host a limited number of students on any given day and still maintain social distancing.  The life of enrollment and counseling staff has been made most difficult. 
ICC recently was awarded their 11th of the last 12 Daktronics Trophy awarded to the best JC Athletic Program by past year success from a pool of 500 schools - doe snot include 100 schools in California.  They have also captured 4 of the 5 national Learfield JC Sports program awards given to a pool of 600 schools (includes California).   However, Kevin was most proud that last year the Athletic Program achieved a GPA of 3.03 that was the highest for any JC Athletic Program in America.  The ICCC student body achieved a 2.79.  The coaches stress academics packaged with study tables, weekly grade checks, and required tutoring.  Grades are very important for athletes wishing to transfer to a four-year school.  The athletes are students first and athletes second.