Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Nov 05, 2018
The "Paint the Silo" project is well underway and is generating considerable interest from the public.  The project became the signature element from the Northwest River District Planning Effort to improve the entrance corridor into the downtown from the Northwest corridor.  City staff reviewed various options and formed a think tank with the Blanden Art Museum, Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association, the Deardorf Foundation, and etc.  The chosen project became a "paint the silo" concept that was submitted to public comment and suggestions.  Through that process a Public Arts Coalition was formed to secure funding, implementation, and consideration for future projects.  Over 40 entities have become sources of funding to hire Guido van Helten of Australia to do the painting.  The Artist is well known and is/have done similar projects in the Midwest.  Specifically, he is using a mineral based paint that is projected to have a 30 year lifespan.  The paint adheres into the concrete base.  A warranty is also provided.  The best kept secret is who the paintings represent/are.  All will be revealed by the artist one the project is complete.  All he will say is that a review was made of Fort Dodge history and the images are well documented in our history. Substantial progress has been made to two sides of the silo within a relative short period of time.  We anxiously await the final project.