Kevin Astor, Fort Dodge Community Schools Activities Director, spoke to the club about the mitigation strategies put in place to keep students safe while participating in school activities.  He reported that every student is being screened prior to participation each day.  Screenings include questions and a temperature check; results are track via an app.  Coaches and teachers have restructured practices to decrease close contact, with the goal to limit it to 15 minutes at a time and students are encouraged to use face coverings when not participating directly in their activity or sport.  Use of the locker rooms have also been limited as an approach to protect students. 
Overall, efforts have been successful.  Equipment and surfaces are being sanitized often and masks have been provided for students which has been added, but necessary cost.  Conversely, gate revenues are lower due to the reduced attendance at events.  Astor provided updates on the following groups:
  • Band, Cheerleaders, Color Guard, Football - each participant receives 3 tickets to the game.  Maximum tickets per game is 2000.  Tickets are available on a first come/first served basis to the public
  • Swimming - parents only.  Some school pool's seating is limited so no audience is allowed
  • Volleyball - each player is provided two admission tickets.
  • Chorus - students are physically distancing and using special singing masks - singing outside whether permitting.
  • Dramatic Arts - students are trying out for the play virtually.  An outdoor venue is being considered for performances.