Matt Ott, Project Developer at MidAmerican Energy, spoke about wind energy and the investments MidAmerican has made.  The company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, has 3097 employees and 791,000 customers in four states (IA, IL, NE, & SD).  It put up its first wind turbine in 2004 and has invested $11.9 billion overall.  Ott stated that wind energy is the largest source of renewable energy in the United States at 7.2% (2019), however in Iowa it accounts for 41.9% of energy utilized, making Iowa the leader in wind energy.  Iowa is second in the nation for number of wind turbines and installed wind capacity (2019) but has continued its investment in additional wind farms and turbines.  Iowa is a prime location for wind farms due to the rural nature of the land and because it has many transmission lines already installed.  County regulations, tax abatements, landowner interest/cooperation  and government funding for the projects are also important factors in the increase and location of wind farms/turbines.  
According to Ott, it takes about 3 weeks to put up one wind turbine, so to put up a wind farm takes most of the non-winter months, though construction does at times happen in the winter months.  MidAmerican's goal is to have 100% of its retail sales be generated by renewable energy.  They currently own half of the wind energy of Iowa, are continually increasing the number of turbines and are also investing in solar energy.  For more information visit: