Kudos to many Rotarians providing service to their community as documented in the latest "Fort Dodge Business Connection" in the Fort Dodge "Messenger."
1.  Janet Hubbell appeared on Page 7 in an advertisement for Gunderson Funeral Home and Cremation Services.  Janet has been instrumental in the company's "Time for Angels" grievance series;
2. Cameron Nelson appeared on Page 13 with an article outlining his beginning service on the Fort Dodge City Council;
3. A major article on Spin Market + Digital appeared beginning on page 22.  Although not pictured, owner Cheryl O'Hern was mentioned multiple times;
4. Randy Kuhlman provided the monthly update for the Fort Dodge Community Foundation;/United Way.
5, Dr, Jesse Ulrich provided a multi page update on Iowa Central Community College beginning on page 26;
6.  Although not identified,, multiple Rotarians appeared in a few Ribbon Cutting ceremonies in the later pages of the document.