Ryan Maehl, City Manager Assistant, provided an update on the broadband project.  The project started with a feasibility study in 2019.  The pandemic and last summer’s derecho made the need  for a faster, reliable broadband system even more evident and informed on the method of construction.  Currently they are in the design process of the system and planning for up to 15 employees.  Construction is set to begin 2022.  This municipal broadband utility will be one of the largest in the state and should be paid off in 19 years.
Chad Schaeffer, Chief Development Officer, provided an update on the Corridor project.  He noted a strip mall will be located right behind Applebee’s and Burger King.  Another strip mall will be located where JCPenney was located, which will house 6-8 businesses. Entertainment opportunities are planned for the  east portion of the property (behind JaMar, Central Financial, etc). That project will be supported by a state support program in the amount of $17 million.