Posted by Stephen Hoesel on May 14, 2018
Rachael Peterson provided a very interesting and lively discussion during Monday's meeting.  Rachael is the Dietician for the Marion Home and a nursing home in Gowrie, and also works through Active Health Chiropractic.  A general summary of comments from her 20+ years of experience were:
  • Weight is an indicator of many future health issues and diseases.  However it is no longer a hard and fast rule as some people are naturally heavier than others.  Perhaps, a body mass index may be more appropriate;
  • Stress management is a key element in good health as often stress leads to unnecessary overeating;
  • Good sleep is important to good health and eating habits are a key to restfulness;
  • Hydration is very important in that a person needs to consume 6-10 glasses of water per day as hydration helps to burn fat.  Soda is not good, but diet drinks are better than full sugar varieties;
  • Activity is perhaps one of the most important thing a person can do to maintain weight, outside of eating healthy;
  • For nutrition a person should eat healthy and with as few processed foods as possible.  Carbs need to be limited, especially if a person has potentials for diabetes.  When review food choices attempt to find those with five or fewer ingredients;
  • Eat smaller, but frequent meals - do not have one large meal each day as this encourages the body to store excess.  Also, the body tends to "shut-down" if it is starved of food;
  • Consider avoiding low fat/fat free foods as the body needs have and process fats.  Proteins and vegetables in bulk are excellent for you.