Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Apr 14, 2019
Your personal information on the Fort Dodge Rotary Data Base may have become outdated, and it is a simple process to update it.  Follow the process outlined below:
  1. Enter the Members Only section of the Rotary web site (If you do not remember your user name or password please let Steve know and he can provide those to you);
  2. In the Members Only section click on the "Edit My Profile" link;
  3. Review the material contained and determine if any changes are needed;
  4. Click on the Edit button to change information;
  5. You can fill in the boxes as you desire - some will provide more information and some will choose to provide less.  Rotary International requires us to forward to them your full Name, Mailing Address (where Rotarian Magazine can be sent) birthday, and sex (R.I. uses the birthday and sex information to perform mass analysis of their 1.3 million members from around the world);
  6. Click on the Save button before you exit.
Please note that you an upload a new picture if you do not like the current one.  The program should accept .jpeg or .pdf file formats.  I have found that .jpeg provides the best transition.
We did not have a presentation today because our speaker from YOUR Inc. Head Start was a no-show for reasons unknown.  Therefore we enjoyed wonderful grilled hamburgers and had round-table discussions.