Captain Linda McCormick of The Salvation Army spoke to our group today.  She came to the Webster County area from Branson, Missouri.  McCormick and her French Bulldog, Brigadier, have fallen in love with the Fort Dodge community.  McCormick shared that the The Salvation Army has a flourishing lunch program that feeds 35-45 people per day.  They currently have the Angel Tree tags at Wal-Mart and will be out with the red kettles at businesses again soon.  The goal for the red kettle program is to raise $43,000, all of which is used locally.  She also noted that The Salvation Army has children's programs, sends kids to camp, holds music programs, a women's group, provides emergency/disaster services and hosts movie nights (summer and early fall).
Captain McCormick stated that she would love to have more volunteers at red kettle locations and is always looking for active board members.  For more information reach out the Captain Linda McCormick at (515) 576-1281.