Committee Roundtables

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On Monday the Club meet in its various committees to discuss issues/trends/projects, etc.  Several items noted:
  1. The Club now has 54 members and soon to add a 55th.  This is approximately the same level as two years ago.
  2. The Club is averaging 35% attendance, with 10 members that have not attended over the past 12 months.  Therefore, with these acknowledged, the net attendance is significantly higher.
  3. The Club was awarded a District Grant to plant trees around town.  President Knight is working with Assistant Manager Mehl to determine locations, type, etc.  We will also communicate with PICA on this project.
  4. The Club is also discussing with DNR and the Public Schools to help clear the prairie around the Middle School of invasive species.  This project is tentatively scheduled for late fall.
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Picture of Rotarian in the "Messenger"

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Rotarian David Flattery presented the future of Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex to a group of visiting Iowa department officials as pictured in the Monday "Messenger."  
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Picture of Rotarian in the "Messenger"

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Rotarian Johnson was pictured presenting the "Hero of the Night" to Police Chief Quinn.  The award was in connection to the annual Cruise Night sponsored by Fort Dodge Ford Toyota.
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Picture of Rotarian in the "Messenger"

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Jessie Ulrich was pictured in the Saturday "Messenger" announcing he has completed the very intensive Leadership Iowa prugram.  Congratulations Rotarian.
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"Messenger's" "Home Town Pride"

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Two Rotarians appeared in the yearly "Honetown Pride Edition" of the "Messenger."  Within the honored appear Justin Mikos and Cameron Nelson of Rotary.  Congratulations Rotarians in this designation.
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Fun With Flags

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Fun With Flags, and Finances
Kraig Barber shared interesting facts relative to the US flag. Did you know veterans can now do a full salute to the flag? That your tattered flag can be taken to the VFW for proper disposal? That one can fold and sew the edge of a tattered flag to continue flying it with respect?
The club also discussed club finances. Dues alone are not enough to cover the club's expenses. The club pays for scholarships and little else. Food costs are a key expense for the club, and food costs have gone up everywhere. There are several ways to address this financial issue. Dues could be increased, the club could meet less often with dues remaining the same, or the club could hold a fundraiser like Dancing With the Stars. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. It would be easy to increase dues, but no one wants to see dues increase (particularly those who pay from their own pockets!). Meeting less often but keeping dues the same would certainly decrease food costs, but those present wanted to continue meeting weekly. Fundraisers can increase income, but they are a lot of work and have unpredictable success if they are outdoors. There are no easy answers. Kraig did a little research, and learned at least two other Iow Rotary clubs charge more dues than our club. Furthermore, Fort Dodge Noon Rotary dues have remained unchanged for around ten years.
There was additional discussion about the mission of Rotary. Polio eradication no longer has the appeal it had in the past. Other clubs have a more pertinent cause. Kiwanis benefits children, the Lions address vision, and Civitan addresses intellectual disabilities. Should our club benefit a cause, and if so, what cause would that be? Again, there are no easy answers.
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List of Invocation Leaders

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The List of Invocation Leaders is now complete to August 26th.  As a reminder of who is responsible for a specific Club Meeting a notification list appears in the Weekly EBulletin.  If you find a later conflict with your ability to attend, please contact the Secretary Teresa Naughton or President James Knight prior to the meeting so a substitute can be recruited.
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Schedule of Program Chairs for Future Meetings

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The following Rotarians volunteered to secure programs for these months. When a Rotarian is approached by an individual requesting to present to the Club, please refer the individual to the program coordinator for the requested month.
As of this posting the Club is still looking for Program Chairs for April and June.  If you are willing to take on that task please contact Renee McDonald.
Overall Chair for Programs - Renee McDonald 
August - Justin Mikos
September - Renee McDonald
October - Jim Knight
November - 
December - Casey Johnson
January - David Fierke
February - Kraig Barber
March - Randy Kuhlman
April - Phyllis Thesier
May - Teresa Naughton
June - 
July - Cameron Nelson
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Easy Way to Contribute to the Rotary Foundation

Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Jul 16, 2023
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Your Rotary Club provides an easy way for you to contribute to the Rotary Foundation, the major financial arm of Rotary that does Polio Plus and Foundation Grants.   The program permits you to ask the Treasurer (Elizabeth Stanek) to add an amount each quarter to your quarterly dues statement as a contribution to the R.I. Foundation.  The Treasurer then collects these amounts and writes a joint check to the Foundation for all funds contributed by members.  If you are interested, please contact Treasurer Elizabeth Stanek or Foundation Chair Bill Kent.
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Minutes and Financial Reports

Posted by Teresa Naughton on Jul 16, 2023
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Secretary Teresa Naughton has been uploading Minutes and Financial Reports for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year to the members only section of the Website (Found under Folder Organization and then Subfolder Documents) and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section.  Please contact Steve if you need to refresh your password.
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Club's Application for Funds for Various Projects

Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Jul 16, 2023
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Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds, complete the application online by clicking HERE.
Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club Grant Guidelines
Mission: Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world. Simply put, Rotary is an organization that is out to do "good" in the world. 
Vision: It is incumbent upon the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club and its Board of Directors to be good stewards of available resources.  The club budgets dollars annually.  The budget may fund identified programs.  The club also has a small “Special Fund” available for requests made throughout the year for unbudgeted causes, which the club and Board may want to support. 
Eligibility for the Special Fund:  Grants must have the support of one or more members of the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club. Funds are granted in support of humanitarian causes.  Causes may relate to youth, poverty prevention/intervention, community betterment, health care, human services, and more.  There are many, many good causes.  There are also limited dollars.  Grant awards will not exceed the dollars available in the special fund.   Preference may be given to one-time projects or to programs that are deemed to have sustainability.  For example, grants may be given to a building project to provide some seed money to start an educational program that the schools will fund in the long term.  Collaboration with other funding sources is encouraged.
Process: A Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Grant Application must be completed for consideration utilizing the on-line application form.   
  • Once received, the Club President will present the Grant Application to the Board at the next regular Board meeting.  The President will also communicate the balance of the Special Fund.
  • The Board will consider the Grant Application and vote on the request, deciding one of three outcomes:
    • The request will be fully funded
    • The request will be partially funded
    • The request will not be funded.
  • The Club President will communicate the decision with the grant requestor. 
  • If dollars are to be awarded, the Grant Application, with approval note, will be given to the Club Treasurer to pay and the treasurer will cut a check.  
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