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Rotary Club of Fort Dodge
James Knight, President
Home Page Stories
From Black Thumb to Abounding Bushels
When Denny Stucky's sister mentioned he and Emily should purchase the orchard and they'd come over and help out, that planted the seed for the idea of owning the Community Orchard. After consideration and a few conversations with then-owners Greg and Bev Baedke, the wheels came to be in motion for Denny and Emily Stucky to become Community Orchard's new owners.
Of about 100 acres, 38 produce contain nearly 6,000 apple trees that produce apples for the Community Orchard's business, according to Owner Denny Stucky. Other interesting facts shares include:
  • The orchard was started in 1952 by Dr. Otto. He had grown apples in Minnesota, and decided to plant some trees in Iowa.
  • Apples were sold from a roadside stand originally. He and his wife bought the property and converted the dairy barn for orchard use.
  • Because there is an orchard, a gift shop, a cafe, and the Back 40, it feels like four different businesses.
  • Skills learned from past employment have benefitted both Denny and Emily in this business venture.
  • Some of the original equipment purchased in the late 1950s to early 1960s is still in use.
  • Apple trees are pruned every winter, from late January to March.
  • The Stuckys are working to expand apple production through high-density planting, which involves irrigation.
  • Nearly 100% of what the orchard grows is used by the orchard.
  • Cider is produced by the orchard and taken to Soldier Creek where they make a hard cider.
  • Cider is produced by the orchard and taken to River Hops where it is made into "Dale's Apple Ale."
One of the funniest points mentioned is that, prior to owning the orchard, the Stuckys claim to have had bad luck growing things. Rotary wishes them well as they work to increase apple production and increase their product line.
District 5970 “Rotary Rush” is on again! 
For the months of December 2020, January 2021 and February 2021 the District is offering a significant incentive to all Rotarians who give to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund
A generous Rotarian Donor has offered their points as an incentive to help Rotarians easily reach their first or multiple Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) level.  The Donor is offering a 1 for 1 points-to-dollars match when a Rotarian contributes a minimum of $100 toward their first or next Paul Harris Fellow level.  For example, you may have accumulated $500 in contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Then, if you add a gift of $250 in December, January or February, our Donor will match 250 points to your giving account which allows you to receive your first or multiple PHF award.  The match is up to a maximum of 500 points.
If you choose to participate in this challenge, you will need to fill out Form 123-EN which is available at the Foundation tab on the District’s website at www.district5970.org , or click the link below.  Please email the completed form to john.wasta@gmail.com or mail the completed form, donating to the Annual Fund, to John Wasta, 221 Kent Ct. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA  52402.  If you are paying by check, please make it payable to “The Rotary Foundation”, please include the check with the form. 
On Thursday, December 14th between 43:00 and 6:00 Daniel Pharmacy will be holding an open house and ribbon cutting in celebration of 60 years of business within Fort Dodge.  Please come and help long-time Rotarian John and his family celebrate this monumental milestone.
Monday's presentation was an overview of the absolute beauty of Paris, the City of Light, its extensive cultural heritage, history, and stunning beauty in art and architecture.  The City of Light (granted when streets were the first in Europe to be lit at night by gas lamps) has a population of 2.1 million and an overall suburban population of 7.5 million, slightly below the European leader, London, at 8 million.  Unique to towns situated on the North European Plane Paris has seen very little war damage, especially through WWI and WWII.  This has allowed the city to develop a fabulous architecture and preservation of older buildings.  It is also well known for its distinctive food, social culture (moderate to very decadent), and art.  Paris epitomizes the concept of do not destroy but renovate.
Steve used 60 pictures to entertain the membership with a 35-minute tour of Paris.  Some highlights were:
  • Paris has an inadequate public transportation system, crowded main roads, and does not prohibit vehicles in the inner city as with other European Old Town cities.
  • Charles De Gaul is a modern and beautiful airport, but woe to any who need to travel its extensive corridors in search of transfer gates.
  • The city has adopted the Sene River as its community focal point and attractions along it will take several weeks of your time just to say you were there.
  • Art galleries galore, with extensive displays of the top artists of Europe (Louvre, Orsay, Li-Orangerie, Cluny, Rodan, etc.).
  • Museums of History, such as the Museum of the Armies (final tomb of Napoleon and Foch, and others) plus three floors of military history), the Conciergerie (ancient castle also the final holding place for Marie Antionette). Of particular note is the "over the top" architecture of Versailles now one of the top tourist attractions in Europe.  Its grandeur was designed to intimidate rivals from other countries, and it worked.
  • Very extensive green spaces such as the Jarden de Troulliers, Luxembourg Gardens, Louvre, etc.
  • Churches everywhere with special mention of Notre Dame (not for visiting yet in its reconstruction stage) and St. Etienne.
  • Numerous beautifully landscaped bridges across the Sene.
  • The Place de la Concorde, the spot where Democracy was born out of death to Monarchs.
  • And of course, the Eiffel Tower.
Zach Felch invites everyone to the Boy Scout Big Gives Luncheon for Scouting.  This year the event will be held on Wednesday, December 6th.  The event will be at the Starlite from 11:30am-1pm in a format very similar to last year.  The guest speaker this year is retired Astronaut from Nebraska, Clayton Anderson.  The attached flyer contains a log-in to register your attendance.  
Rotarian Tofilon announced at the October 30th meeting that Rotary will be serving the MANNA meal on December 16th.  Ann Meyer will again be serving her marvelous Lasagna to the approximate 60 persons attending.  For many this is the major hot meal they will receive that month.  Rotary will be providing the salads and drinks to accompany the meal.  First Methodist Church provides the kitchen, location, cleaning materials, and prizes for a fun hour for the attendees.  What Joe asked for is volunteers to help cook, prepare salads, and clean-up after the meal.  Please contact Joe if you will be willing to help our involvement in this event.  Please say YES if Joe contacts you for help.
The following Rotarians volunteered to secure programs for these months. When a Rotarian is approached by an individual requesting to present to the Club, please refer the individual to the program coordinator for the requested month.
As of this posting the Club is still looking for Program Chairs for April and June.  If you are willing to take on that task please contact Renee McDonald.
Overall Chair for Programs - Renee McDonald 
August - Justin Mikos
September - Renee McDonald
October - Jim Knight
November - 
December - Casey Johnson
January - David Fierke
February - Kraig Barber
March - Randy Kuhlman
April -
May - Teresa Naughton
June - 
July - Cameron Nelson
Secretary Teresa Naughton has been uploading Minutes and Financial Reports for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year to the members only section of the Website (Found under Folder Organization and then Subfolder Documents) and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section.  Please contact Steve if you need to refresh your password.
Your Rotary Club provides an easy way for you to contribute to the Rotary Foundation, the major financial arm of Rotary that does Polio Plus and Foundation Grants.   The program permits you to ask the Treasurer to add an amount each quarter to your quarterly dues statement as a contribution to the R.I. Foundation.  The Treasurer then collects these amounts and writes a joint check to the Foundation for all funds contributed by members.  If you are interested please complete the following form and provide to Treasurer Kraig Barber/Elizabeth Stanek.