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Service Above Self

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Mondays at 11:45 AM
Pizza Ranch
3311 5th Avenue South
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
United States of America
Effective July 5th
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Rotary Foundation
Board Member to June 31 2023
Board Member to June 31 2023
Treasurer Assistant
Board Member to June 31 2022
Child Protection Officer
Board Member to June 31 2024
Immediate Past President
Jim Knight
Nov 29, 2021 12:15 PM
Feed my Starving Children
Keith Dencklau
Dec 06, 2021 12:15 PM
Webster County Board of Supervisors
Megan Secor
Dec 13, 2021 12:15 PM
Soldier Creek Winery
Dennis Plautz
Dec 20, 2021 12:15 PM
Greater FD Growth Alliance
Meeting of Board of Directors
Dec 20, 2021 1:00 PM
Rhonda Chambers
Dec 27, 2021 12:15 PM
Fort Dodge Regional Airport
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Rotary Club of Fort Dodge
Teresa Naughton, President
Home Page Stories
Ryan Maehl, City Manager Assistant, provided an update on the broadband project.  The project started with a feasibility study in 2019.  The pandemic and last summer’s derecho made the need  for a faster, reliable broadband system even more evident and informed on the method of construction.  Currently they are in the design process of the system and planning for up to 15 employees.  Construction is set to begin 2022.  This municipal broadband utility will be one of the largest in the state and should be paid off in 19 years.
Chad Schaeffer, Chief Development Officer, provided an update on the Corridor project.  He noted a strip mall will be located right behind Applebee’s and Burger King.  Another strip mall will be located where JCPenney was located, which will house 6-8 businesses. Entertainment opportunities are planned for the  east portion of the property (behind JaMar, Central Financial, etc). That project will be supported by a state support program in the amount of $17 million.
Captain Linda McCormick of The Salvation Army spoke to our group today.  She came to the Webster County area from Branson, Missouri.  McCormick and her French Bulldog, Brigadier, have fallen in love with the Fort Dodge community.  McCormick shared that the The Salvation Army has a flourishing lunch program that feeds 35-45 people per day.  They currently have the Angel Tree tags at Wal-Mart and will be out with the red kettles at businesses again soon.  The goal for the red kettle program is to raise $43,000, all of which is used locally.  She also noted that The Salvation Army has children's programs, sends kids to camp, holds music programs, a women's group, provides emergency/disaster services and hosts movie nights (summer and early fall).
Captain McCormick stated that she would love to have more volunteers at red kettle locations and is always looking for active board members.  For more information reach out the Captain Linda McCormick at (515) 576-1281.  
It's Shocking I tell you - its Shocking.  Rotary's own Cameron Nelson participated in a skit hosted by Crime Stoppers who purchased a pair of shock gloves to be used by jail helpers as they interact with inmates.  The gloves will help keep the workers safe from attacks by inmates which had been increasing too fast.  To test the glove's effectiveness Cameron volunteered to be the first victim tested.  From the look on his face the gloves work fine.  An excellent investment in our community by Crime Stoppers.
Minutes and/or Financial Reports for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year have been posted to the members only section of the Website (Found under Folder Organization and then Subfolder Documents) and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section.  Please contact Steve if you need to refresh your password.
The latest addition:
  • Minutes for the November 8th 2021 Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Financial Reports for Month Ending October 31st, 2021
  • Proposed Budget for Rotary Year July 1, 2021 to June 30 2022)
The following are identified as the key person each month that will schedule club meetings for that month.  Please contact the appropriate person to ask for a program to be scheduled.
July - Cameron Nelson
August - Cheryl O'Hern
September - Derrick Joel
October - Jim Knight
November - Jim Knight
December - Casey Johnson
January -  David Fierke
February - Kraig Barber
March - Randy Kuhlman
April - Elizabeth Stanek
May - Teresa Naughton
June - Cameron Nelson
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds, complete the application online by clicking HERE.
Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club Grant Guidelines
Mission: Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world. Simply put, Rotary is an organization that is out to do "good" in the world. 
Vision: It is incumbent upon the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club and its Board of Directors to be good stewards of available resources.  The club budgets dollars annually.  The budget may fund identified programs.  The club also has a small “Special Fund” available for requests made throughout the year for unbudgeted causes, which the club and Board may want to support. 
Eligibility for the Special Fund:  Grants must have the support of one or more members of the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club. Funds are granted in support of humanitarian causes.  Causes may relate to youth, poverty prevention/intervention, community betterment, health care, human services, and more.  There are many, many good causes.  There are also limited dollars.  Grant awards will not exceed the dollars available in the special fund.   Preference may be given to one-time projects or to programs that are deemed to have sustainability.  For example, grants may be given to a building projects to provide some seed money to start an educational program that the schools will fund in the long term.  Collaboration with other funding sources is encouraged.
Process: A Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Grant Application must be completed for consideration utilizing the on-line application form.   
  • Once received, the Club President will present the Grant Application to the Board at the next regular Board meeting.  The President will also communicate the balance of the Special Fund.
  • The Board will consider the Grant Application and vote on the request, deciding one of three outcomes:
    • The request will be fully funded
    • The request will be partially funded
    • The request will not be funded.
  • The Club President will communicate the decision with the grant requestor. 
  • If dollars are to be awarded, the Grant Application, with approval note, will be given to the Club Treasurer to pay and the treasurer will cut a check.  
Your Rotary Club provides an easy way for you to contribute to the Rotary Foundation, the major financial arm of Rotary that does Polio Plus and Foundation Grants.   The program permits you to ask the Treasurer to add an amount each quarter to your quarterly dues statement as a contribution to the R.I. Foundation.  The Treasurer then collects these amounts and writes a joint check to the Foundation for all funds contributed by members.  If you are interested please complete the following form and provide to Treasurer John Nielsen.