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Rotary Club of Fort Dodge
Teresa Naughton, President
Home Page Stories
Rotarian Stanek appeared in the Tuesday "Messenger" as she presented approximately 17 laptop computers to area Childcare Providers.  Linking Families and Communities see electronics that will enable the day care providers to better help their children learn by logging into a variety of early childhood education programs.  Childcare has been identified as a major need of the community through its visioning programs. 
Bob Christopher, Chief Experience Officer of Aureon, Inc., spoke to our group about cybersecurity.   He said we all have been targetted in some way through automated systems, like phone calls, spam emails or via Faceboook or LinkedIn.  Smishing is new thing in which you receive a text message on your phone from a random person or could even be a hacker posing as someone or some group you know. They are looking for an easy way to get small pieces of information.  By responding, you are telling them that yours is an active number.  Scary, huh?!
To Protect yourself & your business, you should focus on the following: 
  • People: Make sure that you and the people that work for you are very careful about what they open and click on. 
    • Tip: In Microsoft Outlook you can flag suspicious email by clicking on the fish hook in the upper right hand corner. 
    • Tip: Trust your gut and verify.  If you get an email from someone you know, but it seems a little suspicious, call the person to verify it is legitimate before opening. 
  • Process - Enable processes and programs that reduce your risk.
    • Enable 2 or 3 factor authentication
    • Disable macros on your computer
    • Block internet ads
    • Update and patch regularly
    • Back-up your data regularly
      • Tip: Make and keep back-ups at regular intervals - 90 days, monthly, weekly and daily.
  • Have a plan to respond and a solution planned should you fall victim to a cyber attack.
  • Have an IT Risk Assessment for your organization to see where you are most vulnerable and what you can do to reduce your risk.
Lastly, Mr. Christopher warned people that even the "seemingly harmless Facebook games" are often ways for hackers to get pieces of your information.  They use similar questions that your bank might use to verify your account.  So, rather than answer questions to see what your Santa's Elf Name might be or completing that Facebook word puzzle, pick up the phone and have a conversation with a friend or pick up a word search in hard copy.
Several meetings ago Rotary received a presentation on the new "Play and Learn Center" initiative of "Linking Families and Communities.  Organizers Jenn Becker and Elizabeth Stanek of "Linking Families and Communities" received front page billing in today's "Messenger."  The program will work with primarily children aged 2-5 and provide a safe play site where the children can learn skills and basic interaction with others. 
Marking/Branding has taken to the Internet and Social Media.  The Fort Dodge Growth Alliance in partnership with Spin Marketing completed a marvelous modern Branding Tool for the Fort Dodge Community.  The community has spent funds in the past publishing brochures and advertisements to be handed out during a variety of events.  In lieu of such more traditional marketing Cheryl and Lydia demonstrated the most recent development of an electronic program based upon the wide viewership of Social Media as follows:
  1. Fifteen 30 Second Video Clips - Twelve community members were brought together and interviewed separately to answer ten questions regarding Fort Dodge as a community and a place to live and work.  Their stories have been inserted in short clips to be placed as advertisements on Internet Social Media platforms such as Yahoo, Google, etc.  By being under the minimum length requirement these clips will play whenever crossed over by a viewer on the platform's ribbon.  Thus, platform users are required to listen/view as they can not be terminated prior to completion.  Rotarian Justin Mikos was one of those interviewed.  Even though the twelve leaders were interviewed separately there is a remarkable similar thread of all - Fort Dodge is a quality community.
  2. Ten Longer Community Videos - Ten community personalities were chosen to discuss living in Fort Dodge in two minute segments.  One video will be released every three weeks and can be accessed by people listening to the 30 second clips and elsewhere.   Within the platform hosting the Video the viewer can click to access a wide variety of information about Fort Dodge and the Growth Alliance.
  3. Press Releases - Periodic broader press releases are placed on the Web platforms providing greater information about Fort Dodge, including recent events, jobs available, quality of life in the area, etc.
  4. Podcasts - A series of podcasts will be produced in which two or more community citizens will be brought together to discuss with a moderate pertinent questions about living and working in Fort Dodge. 
The above effort will run until the end of November, at which time a decision will be made about future initiatives.  The program has "built-in" tracking mechanisms and over 350,000 "hits" have been recorded, so far a tremendous return of investment.  There is also the potential for businesses to use the tracking mechanisms to target further specific advertisements on their products/services.   
Jenn Becker, Program Coordinator, for the new Fort Dodge Play and Learn Center (FDPLC) spoke to our group.  Becker, a Fort Dodge native and former Fort Dodge CSD teacher, was motivated to create the center after spending the winter months with a toddler and nowhere to go for play opportunities and a change of scenery.  Becker, a mother of two, soon to be three, envisioned a play and learn center that offered un-structured and structured opportunities for children ages birth to 7 years of age.  The space would offer a place for children, and their families or caregivers, to learn skills and strategies that will assist in school readiness with learning opportunities in centers such as engineering, dramatic plan, science and exploration.  Becker said that she believes that the center can have a positive social, educational and economic impact.  Linking Families and Communities has helped Becker set her plan in motion and has fast tracked the concept, which will have an open house on August 17th from 4:30 - 6:30 in the center's space in the Wells Fargo building.   Playgroups will begin on August 31st and will have a maximum capacity of 20 children.  For more information contact Jenn Becker at
Secretary Elizabeth Stanek has been uploading Minutes and Financial Reports for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year to the members only section of the Website (Found under Folder Organization and then Subfolder Documents) and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section.  Please contact Steve if you need to refresh your password.
The following are identified as the key person each month that will schedule club meetings for that month.  Please contact the appropriate person to ask for a program to be scheduled.
July - Cameron Nelson
August - Cheryl O'Hern
September - Volunteer Needed
October - Jim Knight
November - Jim Knight
December - Casey Johnson
January -  David Fierke
February - Kraig Barber
March - Randy Kuhlman
April - Elizabeth Stanek
May - Teresa Naughton
June - Cameron Nelson
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds, complete the application online by clicking HERE.
Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club Grant Guidelines
Mission: Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world. Simply put, Rotary is an organization that is out to do "good" in the world. 
Vision: It is incumbent upon the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club and its Board of Directors to be good stewards of available resources.  The club budgets dollars annually.  The budget may fund identified programs.  The club also has a small “Special Fund” available for requests made throughout the year for unbudgeted causes, which the club and Board may want to support. 
Eligibility for the Special Fund:  Grants must have the support of one or more members of the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club. Funds are granted in support of humanitarian causes.  Causes may relate to youth, poverty prevention/intervention, community betterment, health care, human services, and more.  There are many, many good causes.  There are also limited dollars.  Grant awards will not exceed the dollars available in the special fund.   Preference may be given to one-time projects or to programs that are deemed to have sustainability.  For example, grants may be given to a building projects to provide some seed money to start an educational program that the schools will fund in the long term.  Collaboration with other funding sources is encouraged.
Process: A Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Grant Application must be completed for consideration utilizing the on-line application form.   
  • Once received, the Club President will present the Grant Application to the Board at the next regular Board meeting.  The President will also communicate the balance of the Special Fund.
  • The Board will consider the Grant Application and vote on the request, deciding one of three outcomes:
    • The request will be fully funded
    • The request will be partially funded
    • The request will not be funded.
  • The Club President will communicate the decision with the grant requestor. 
  • If dollars are to be awarded, the Grant Application, with approval note, will be given to the Club Treasurer to pay and the treasurer will cut a check.  
Your Rotary Club provides an easy way for you to contribute to the Rotary Foundation, the major financial arm of Rotary that does Polio Plus and Foundation Grants.   The program permits you to ask the Treasurer to add an amount each quarter to your quarterly dues statement as a contribution to the R.I. Foundation.  The Treasurer then collects these amounts and writes a joint check to the Foundation for all funds contributed by members.  If you are interested please complete the following form and provide to Treasurer John Nielsen.