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Jan 21, 2019
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Jan 28, 2019
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The January edition of the "Messengers" "Fort Dodge Business Connection" was full of Rotarians.  On the cover appeared David Fierke and Dave Flattery with other City and County officials, inside was a major article quoting Todd McCubbin on the construction of the Brookstone Lodge and Suites addition to Fort Frenzy,  In addition the monthly updated from the Greater Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way was provided by Rotarian Kuhlman with a discussion on Child Mental Health.  Well done Rotarians. 
Rotarian Dan Kinney appeared on the cover page of the Wednesday "Messenger" because during the Governor's State of the State speach Iowa Central Community College was singled-out as a shining star with its work for rehabilitation of prisoners.  Kudos to Dr. Kinney and ICCC.
Monday's guest speaker was Tanner Utley, Assistant Wrestling Coach for Fort Dodge Senior High.  He brought with him Logan Finowski, Tristian Licht, and Carson Taylor from the squad.  The season began with 56 kids participating, which has now decreased to 44 as the squad pursues becoming back to back state champions.  With many graduates from last year the need was to rebuild around only four seniors this year, which is being done.  After two early losses the team is beginning to come together and wrestle with authority.  After last week's upset of #3 Waukee, Fort Dodge should begin to raise into the top spots of the state rankings for 4A.  A major change occurred on the strategy for preparing for the state tournament in that the team will participate in fewer duels this year in favor of participation in very large tournaments, such as the one recently attended in Illinois.  It is hoped that this strategy will permit more wrestlers to develop skills prior to the Districts. In the past many duels did not provide a full roster for each wrestler to participate.    The intent is to continue to improve heading into the beginning of the state tournament's districts on February 9th.  This year's state tournament will be improved with seeding of the top eight wrestlers in each class which will hopefully eliminate the past "state championship matches" that occurred within the semifinal rounds.  
Rotarian Teresa Naughton provided the "Second Opinion Section" of Sunday's "Messenger" in which she outlined service success stories for persons with disabilities.   The well done article put a new light on the abilitty of persons with disabilities to be trained and to hold jobs. 
Rotarian Driscoll appeared on the cover of the Thursday "Messenger" with an article discussing the setting of salaries for county officials.  The recommendations of the County Compensation Board were reviewed and goals set by the Supervisors.  Budgets must be certified to the State in March. 
Rotary was honored to have as its guest speaker on Monday Rhonda Chambers, Manager of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.  Rhonda is very energetic and is an excellent presenter for the cause of a valuable asset to Fort Dpdge, one valued economically at over $32 million in economic impact back to its region.  The current facility was dedicated in 1952 with a Braniff DC3 as its first customer.  Within the last 7 years over $12 million in improvements have been added, with only 10% of that amount coming from local tax funds. 
The Airport Commission works with an approximate budget of $600,000 dollars, of which a current 40% is derived from the tax funds of Fort Dodge.  The goal is to always push to reduce the amount of local tax asking while improving quality and access for the community.  Commercial air service is provided by Air Choice One, with daily flights to Chicago (through Mason City) and direct links to Minneapolis and Saint Louis.  Where originally most trips were one link to the three cities, an increasing number of users are now (25%) are using those initial links for further transfers to other parts of the world. 
Thank you Rhonda for a quality program.
Rhonda provided an excellent discussion of:
  • The size of the B-747, which is capable of landing in Fort Dodge and its operating requirements and costs.  Nobody knew that the paint on the B-747 weighs a ton.
  • 2,000 veterans have been transported to DC on the Honor Flight, with two more flights scheduled for 2019.
  • TSA Pre-check is now available at ICCC for those wishing to avoid lines prior to boarding.
  • By October 1, 2020 your drivers license must have the star in the upper right hand corner if you use to use it as photo identification to travel.  Otherwise expect long delays in processing and possible rejection at entry.  A passport is still valid for travel.
  • This spring a charter to Nashville will be coordinated (airfare/hotel/shuttles/etc.).  Northland Travel is coordinating the booking for the trip.  Once in Nashville tickets are available for a host of entertainment opportunities.
  • Last month Commercial Service enplanements topped 8,000 for the year, which could well yield much more management money from the Federal program for the airport,  Air Choice One has been well received and provides a quality service.  They are looking to adding larger planes in the near future.   
This is a "save the date" notice of an upcoming Club Social event for all members and their families.   Please note that some details have recently been added.
February TBD.  A Tuesday Rotary Night at Soldier Creek
March TBD – International Project
The following have volunteered to provide the weekly invocation as our meetings start.  If you are unable to make your assigned schedule please contact a substitute that will then check-in with the President prior to the meeting. (Also please note that you can call either Don Woodruff or Janet Secor, who have said they6 can be a fill-in alternate.)
Jan 21 - John Daniel
Jan 28 - Amy Bruno
Feb 4- Kraig Barber
Feb 11 - Bill Thatcher
Feb 18 - Teresa Naughton
Feb 25 - Connie Lind
Kraig Barber passed around a copy of the latest Master Plan for Snell-Crawford Park.  The latest version incorporates some of the suggestions by Rotarians of leaving the road into the interior of the Park.  Kraig noted that within the near future the Fort Dodge Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Commission will be reviewing this issue.  A picture is included for your knowledge.
Minutes and/or Financial Reports for the 2018 Rotary Year have been posted to the members only section of the Website and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section. 
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds please use the following application format found over two sections of this applet.  When completed please scan your application narrative and send to Fort Dodge Rotary, Box 935, Fort Dodge, Iowa  50501 .  The first page of the application appears below and the second is found by clicking on the "read more" applet. 
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