Posted by Randy Kuhlman on Sep 20, 2019
The September edition of "The Messenger's - Fort Dodge Business Today" was all about the upcoming United Way Campaign.  Rotarian Kuhlman provided the lead article and was pictured on the cover with the Campaign's Chairperson.  There were also many pictures within and the Web Master may well have missed other Rotarians pictured.
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Posted by Jesse Ulrich on Sep 17, 2019
Rotarian Jesse Ulrich appeared on the front page of the Tuesday "Messenger" because the Fort Dodge School Board met on Monday and a primary discussion was the concept of returning the 5th graders to either neighborhood grade schools or to a refurbished Arey School by themselves.
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Posted by David Fierke on Sep 16, 2019
The following are tentatively identified as the key person each month that will schedule club meetings for that month.  Please contact the appropriate person to ask for a program to be scheduled.
July - Cameron Nelson
August - Cheryl O'Hern
September - Rhonda Fitchett
October - Cameron Nelson
November - Amy Bruno
December - David Fierke
January -
February - Kraig Barber
March - Elizabeth Stanek ???
April - Michael Devine
May - Teresa Naughton
June - David Fierke
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Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Sep 16, 2019
The Club was not anticipating having a Club Workshop today, but our speaker on Recycling in Fort Dodge was detained by a last minute emergency.  Therefore, our President was well prepared for such an emergency and distributed four folders on which various groups worked for future goals and objectives.  A brief summary follows:
Programs:  Our club is known for having excellent weekly programs, but securing them is not always east.  Therefore, perhaps the major goal is to 1) put aside a meeting every several months for the purpose of a Club Assembly.  This communication is needed to better inform and engage members in our various projects; and 2) to engage more than the one person per month scheduled to find programs.  Perhaps a several person committee should be engaged for each month.  The monthly chairs need to be advertised to the membership (similar to what we do for the Invocation Prayer) through the website so program suggestions can be brought into the system by members.
Projects:  We do much with the following projects:  scholarships, scholarship dinner, park clean-ups, India Wells, assorted issues as they arise, and miscellaneous contributions for a variety of purposes if they primarily benefit youth.  But, we can not be available to all needs.  Several members suggested that we need to re-engage the first of the month visit by four Seniors from Senior High and four from Saint Edmond.  President Stanek reported that Cheryl O'Hern was working on this goal, but several major hurdles are in the way.
Club Fellowship:  The Committee is working to establish a series of by-monthly or quarterly family type social outings.  Suggestions are for Shiny Top, Christmas partnership with Daybreak at Fort Frenzie,  Soldier Creek Winery, and others.  Within the immediate future should be a picnic in Snell Crawford Park yet this fall with Laurie Branderhorst invited as our guest to discuss issues.
Membership:  The Committee identified sixteen current Rotarians that have not attended in recent memory, or have very poor attendance.  The President should identify those names at a future meeting and ask for volunteers to contact them.  The key question is "Why are they not attending?"  The quickest way to improve attendance is work from within.  As to future recruitment a partnership with the Club Fellowship Committee is suggested in which Club Members bring prospective members to our social functions.  Finally, the Committee discussed and will be processing two new membership types:  Corporate Memberships in which a member can assign a fellow worker to attend from time to time in their place; and Family Membership in which a spouse can attend in the member can not. 
The above is not a total and accurate summary of all discussion, but attempts to fill-in those members not in attendance.
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Posted by Teresa Naughton on Sep 15, 2019
The following have volunteered to provide the weekly invocation as our meetings start.  If you are unable to make your assigned schedule please contact a substitute that will then check-in with the President prior to the meeting.
September 23 - Mel Schroeder
September 30 - John Daniel
October 7 - Rhonda Fitchett
October 14 - Randy Kuhlman
October 21 - Jesse Ulrich
October 28 - Cameron Nelson
November 4 -
November - 11 -
November 18 - Teresa Naughton
November 25 - Bill Thatcher
December 2 - Janet Secour
December 9 -
December 16 - Jesse Ulrich
December 23 -
December 30 -
Invocation Leader for September  23rd is Mel Schroeder Teresa Naughton 2019-09-15 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Sep 15, 2019
Minutes and/or Financial Reports for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year have been posted to the members only section of the Website and are available for viewing by accessing the Members Only Section. 
The latest addition will be posted by Tuesday late:
  • Minutes for the September 16th  Board of Directors meeting
  • Financial Statements for Month Ending August 31st, 2019.
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Posted by Jesse Ulrich on Sep 15, 2019
Jesse Ulrich was pictured in the Sunday "Messenger" because he will be inducted into the ICCC Triton "Hall of Fame."  Congratulations Jesse.
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Posted by Jesse Ulrich on Sep 10, 2019
Jesse Ulrich appeared on the front page of the Tuesday "Messenger" with an article detailing how the Fort Dodge Community Schools will be implementing broad goals over the next year.  The goals are designed to improve efficiency, advance tools to encourage learning, and implement practices to keep the students safe.
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Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Sep 09, 2019
Jesse Montalto was the guest of Rotary on Monday to discuss his brief tenure with the ICCC Football Program.  Jesse is a West Palm Beach Florida native who cane to Upper Iowa in 2004 to play football.  In four years he excelled as one of the schools' leading receivers with 178 catches for 2,621 yards.  Upon graduation his talents were recognized as he became a position coach at Upper Iowa, a school that he remained at for nine years.  Within two years he became a Coordinator for the team.   From Upper Iowa he moved to Ellsworth Junior College in Iowa Falls where he had some success.  After a subsequent move to ICCC his initial team last year became successful with an 8-4 campaign.  This year they have begun 2-1 with hopes of another fine season and ending bowl game. 
Jesse outlined the steps to turn-around the ICCC program from a 1-25 past after joining with eight Kansas JC teams that are historically good and near the top of the National Charts:
  • Securing the help of excellent coaches - A number of his staff were with him at Ellsworth;
  • Hiring Assistant Coaches that eventually want to move up in the coaching arena;
  • Recruiting athletes that are also good kids and good students;
  • Getting the team to "buy into" the system and a culture of success;
Some additional notes during discussion:
  • Observing body language during the initial meeting with ICCC team members was a eye opening experience.  He said he told everybody to empty the room and return when attitude had been adjusted and body language improved;
  • His staff concentrates on Iowa kids, with 70 of the current 110 team members being from Iowa;
  • His recruitment target is 4 hours drive time from Fort Dodge;
  • It is important to maintain contacts with Division I coaches who will channel athletes to ICCC who can not make the grade, or need another year or two of experience to participate on the Division I level;
  • Last year 40 kids moved from JC to Division I (15) and Division II/III (25).  Most of those athletes are contributing on their new teams;
  • This year will be tough because 8 of the 12 teams to be played are ranked in the National Polls.
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Posted by Shaun O'Neill on Sep 09, 2019
On Monday President Stanek presented the Red Temporary Badge of Membership to Shaun O'Neill (Family Dentistry General Practice).  A Permanent Blue Badge of Membership will be forthcoming as Shaun completed a Rotary Orientation on September 23rd.  In a brief introduction to his life Shaun offered the following:
  • A native of Janesville, Wisconsin through High School;
  • Attendance at Luther College in Decorah for a BA Degree;
  • Attendance at Dentistry College;
  • Now employed at Clay Associates;
  • He serves in a national capacity in an advocacy group;
  • He gained his first dollar through summer grass trimming.
Welcome Shaun to the Club when you see him.
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Posted by Joseph Tofilon on Sep 08, 2019
Rotarian Joe Tofilon was pictured in the Sunday "Messenger" as he had the plesure of swearing into service Misty Nissen as a Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteer.  Misty will work specifically with the Child Advocacy Board. 
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Posted by Elizabeth Stanek on Sep 02, 2019
A very funny video about Rotary and the need to continually let the public know about us.
Copy and paste the link above into your browser to view the video.  It is a Youtube production.
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Posted by Bruce Shimkat on Sep 02, 2019
Bruce Shimkat forwarded the attached picture of Rotary History in Fort Dodge.  Those in the picture are:  Bruce Shimkat, District Governor Walt Eschen, Dick Lindeberg, Bob Kurtz, Dr. LeRoy Larson, and Jim Van Gundy (father of a current Rotarian).  The picture was taken in 1983 when Bruce became Club President.
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Posted by Stephen Hoesel on Sep 01, 2019
Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world.  The club budgets funds annually for a variety of local causes that may be made available for requests made throughout the year for which the Board of Directors may want to support.  To make application for funds, complete the application online by clicking HERE.
Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club Grant Guidelines
Mission: Rotary is a service organization comprised of community leaders of various professions dedicated to humanitarian causes locally and throughout the world. Simply put, Rotary is an organization that is out to do "good" in the world. 
Vision: It is incumbent upon the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club and its Board of Directors to be good stewards of available resources.  The club budgets dollars annually.  The budget may fund identified programs.  The club also has a small “Special Fund” available for requests made throughout the year for unbudgeted causes, which the club and Board may want to support. 
Eligibility for the Special Fund:  Grants must have the support of one or more members of the Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Club. Funds are granted in support of humanitarian causes.  Causes may relate to youth, poverty prevention/intervention, community betterment, health care, human services, and more.  There are many, many good causes.  There are also limited dollars.  Grant awards will not exceed the dollars available in the special fund.   Preference may be given to one-time projects or to programs that are deemed to have sustainability.  For example, grants may be given to a building projects to provide some seed money to start an educational program that the schools will fund in the long term.  Collaboration with other funding sources is encouraged.
Process: A Fort Dodge Noon Rotary Grant Application must be completed for consideration utilizing the on-line application form.   
  • Once received, the Club President will present the Grant Application to the Board at the next regular Board meeting.  The President will also communicate the balance of the Special Fund.
  • The Board will consider the Grant Application and vote on the request, deciding one of three outcomes:
    • The request will be fully funded
    • The request will be partially funded
    • The request will not be funded.
  • The Club President will communicate the decision with the grant requestor. 
  • If dollars are to be awarded, the Grant Application, with approval note, will be given to the Club Treasurer to pay and the treasurer will cut a check.  
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